Best Lighting for your parking garage

While illuminating our house and garden, we should not neglect our parking garage. Not just the one at your house but also the commercial parking garages should have adequate lighting to see if there is anything in the way and avoid unnecessary accidents. You can get the latest wholesale lighting and LED lights fitted in the parking areas avoiding the thought of power consumption and the bills.

Why use LED lights?

LED lights are now commonly used everywhere including the parking areas because LED lights run for a longer time, save on money, bright and white light and are easy to maintain. So, they avoid the glare and poor lighting that is very helpful anywhere. And who wouldn’t like it if all this can be at a low cost.

Why LED for parking garages?

The most obvious reason of wholesale lighting and efficient lighting in parking garages is safety and security. Apart from this, the lighting fixtures should illuminate all the corners and sign boards while avoiding a dark cave like affect.

What is the appropriate lighting and how should it be fitted?

Every point of the garage section should get adequate and equal amount of lighting which means there should be no point which gets 10 times more amount of light to the minimum value of any point and the minimum lighting level of 5.0 foot-candle is required and these fixtures should be mounted at a height of 8 ft.

What kind of LED should you get?

There are 2 points to consider while thinking of what kind of lights to fix in the parking areas.

Quantity of light:

It is obvious that you need light in the entire parking area. So, for quality lighting, install the light fixtures at even intervals to ensure there is lighting in every row, column and corner of the parking area.  You can use fluorescent lights but they give less illumination, are high on maintenance and hence cost also increases.

Quality of light:

We would also need good amount of lighting in the areas where there is more activity like the ramps, entrance and exit etc. Underground parking areas need light in day and night and hence, good lighting is also essential for safety from thieves and criminals and for safety of pedestrians also. Appropriate lighting also allows eyes to adjust while we go in the day light.

Once you have decided on LED fixtures, here’s what to look for:

Make sure that the LED used has no glare, should have double reflection/refraction that spreads out light appropriately all over and should be shielded with Total Internal reflection which is a must. The LED light should have at least an output of 100 lumens per watt with photocell sensor and mounted motion. Also note the construction of parking garage to ensure proper lighting in every corner. Painting the concrete also plays a role in even distribution of the light.

While doing all this, paying attention to the cost of electricity is a must and hence LED lighting is essential.