Jewellery is being worn on all parts of the body and not a place is left from the eyebrow to the back of the tongue, the cheek, lip, nipples and the genital area too. After tattooing piercing had become the next big thing right from rockstars, to today’s youth find it cool get their body pierced. Some of the places that are pierced are quite painful and may cause infections if not got from a hygienic place or not looked after the wound properly.Some need not be pierced just put onto the nipple. But flaunting the ring could be a little embarrassing and perhaps may be for one’s own enjoyment. The dangle nipple rings comes in all shapes and sizes with every kind of design such as gothic, traditional, funky, floral patterns to nail like piercings.

The nipple rings can be of various varieties such as made of semi precious stones to diamonds, to different alloys combined.

The types of nipple rings

  • Barbell nipple ring
  • Floral nipple ring
  • Handcuff nipple ring
  • Spider web nipple ring
  • Curvy heart shaped nipple ring
  • Vampire fang nipple ring
  • Faux shield nipple ring
  • Punk style nipple rings
  • Retro style nipple rings
  • Semi circle nipple rings

These above rings are made of surgical steel so they will not rust and cause body harm. They are safe to use and no bodily fluids as well as other liquids can restrict you. They will also cause you no allergy too.

They are priced attractively with so many variations in design and it would really be a surprise that such variety can exist for nipple jewellery which hasn’t got as big as other jewellery buying. The sole reasons being that it is difficult to flaunt it and if it has to be pierced it may be painful. But putting those thoughts aside. Many people who want to stick out from the melee and prove a point would love to try out something like this and wear this accessory with aplomb like any other.

You could ask for surgical steel or titanium which donor cause allergies to the person wearing them. As they would be in skin contact for a long time. It should also be noted that these rings are for both male and female and either can wear the designs and unisex in nature, though flowery and delicate designs are usually chosen by women but some like to be bold and go for the vampire fangs nipple rings so you can put a label on which are for a specific gender.

For people who want more than one accessory on their nipple such as a piercing and the removable ring around can do so after your piercing is completely healed.

With the nipple ring, you could get nipple chains. This gets even more interesting as you can interlink your nipple rings with the chains and it forms a unique combo, or a single chains for each nipple. Or join the chain to your ear or nose as some rockers do it. It’s all about mix and match and how you want to flaunt it on a particular day.

Tips and advice

Whenever you get your piercing done wait for it to heal completely before you begin your sojourn on fitting a ring that you have purchased. It usually takes eight to ten months to get your wound totally healed. During this period you must make sure that you have not developed any kind of infection. Keep the area clean and dry at all times. After this period you could go and shop for your desired ring and put it on.