The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping Online

Online shopping has become part of our daily lives. It has enabled us to shop smarter, cheaper, and cleaner that before. But it also comes with a lot risk factors associated with it. Many times, you might have come across news reports of online shopping fraudsters and people losing their money through online portals. Safe online shopping practices will help you avoid such misleads and help you become a smart shopper.

Here are a few dons and don’ts that need to be followed for a safe shopping experience:

Things you should do

Many online shopping portals like give out great discounts on various products round the year. Sometimes these discounts will greatly help save your money and make your shopping experience great. Make sure you check out these offers and other exciting deals before actually buying online. Research if the product you wish to buy has any discount, and enter the correct coupon code to avail the offer while making the payment.

Always read the terms and conditions associated with the e-commerce website and also with the product that you’re going to buy. Sometimes certain offers and discounts will be valid only on selected models or brands of a product, make sure you check out these details before adding the product to your cart.

You’re shopping through a virtual platform and you don’t get to see the product until it’s delivered to you. There are chances for your product to be defective or mistakenly replaced by some other products, so get to know about the return policy and refund options available with the online shopping portal. Some shopping websites don’t refund the cost to your bank account, but instead they might add the cost to your account wallet that can be used for future purchases.

If you’re not very sure or confident about your payment gateway, check out the Cash on Delivery (COD) option available on the payment page. This is also the safest means of payment because you get to pay only after receiving the product. This enables you to keep your banking details and other payment details private.

Things to be avoided

If you think that the online payment gateway or the payment method is unsafe don’t proceed with the payment. You might have been paying all your bills online, but different shopping e-commerce websites make use of different payment gateways. Everything might not be safe and only pay online if the website has a trusted payment method. You can very well purchase the product from any other trusted website, like or continue to purchase using the COD option.

While purchasing a product don’t simply check out the item from one online seller. Compare the authenticity of the product and also the price range between various online shopping platforms. Check out the warranty, instructions for use, and other such important details before making your payment. If you’re not sure about the product, try reading the customer review and rating related to the product. On the whole, buy only from trusted sellers and have a safe time shopping online.